Swinging Gates

“Just-a-swangin’”             Remember that one? John Anderson, if I remember correctly.

That is what your gate does. The question is………..(drumroll here) is it swinging by itself, or do you have to give it a helping hand?

If you already have one that just ain’t swingin’ that great, give us a call. Sometimes they just need a little  “talkin’ to”, and we definitely speak the language.

If you are in the market for your first automatic gate operator, let us help you avoid some costly mistakes.

All too often, we all fall victim to the lure of that initial purchase price. It is so tempting. Even when our sub-concious is whispering “this is too good to be true”, we are overcome by temptation. Oops!!

I refer you to what we call our “RESCUE CALLS“-

“Help!! I got this great deal six months/one year/year and a half ago on a Mighty Mule/GFT/GTO gate operator, but it is giving me troubles/won’t open/closed on my car/stops/starts when I don’t want it to, etc., etc., etc.”

GOOD NEWS!  You found your way to the rescue.

If it is salvageable, we can make it cooperate. Might be nothing more than a shoddy installation or just some minor adjustments needed.

If it is beyond hope, we are associated with a wholesale distributor with wholesale pricing on the great American made gate operators that will make your life easier.