Security Gate Openers

Name brand suppliers don’t make house or business calls; this is where Access & Control LLC can help! We track down and install those security gate openers you’ve had your eye on to make life, business, or both, easier, make sure they work right the first time, and will keep working. Access Control LLC also specialize in operator repairs, so that you can keep coming and going worry free. Let Access & Control LLC put your gate to work for you!

Below on some of the brands we offer. Click on the brand’s name to learn more about the brand and some of the operators the brand features.

Access Control LLC | Houston | Elite Security Gate Openers | Openers | Nice ApolloNice Apollo elite gate openers are precisely engineered and solidly constructed to meet all commercial and residential needs, requiring only a 12 volt DC battery rechargeable by either Solar or AC power. All Nice Apollo Elite Gate operators are available in models that meet UL 325 standards and backed by a two year warranty. All product manuals can be found, read, and downloaded at Nice Apollo’s home page.

Access & Control LLC | Houston | Elite Security Gate Openers | Openers | LiftMasterSince its introduction, LiftMaster® has revolutionized the opener industry. LiftMaster products offer safety, security, and convenience, proven to withstand even the harshest of elements and years of extended use, and that put you in control of how you come and go, all under a Quality Policy.