Security Gate Maintenance

Not all gate operators are made equal. Access & Control understands that owning an automatic gate and gate opener isn’t just about owning: automatic gates and the accompanying tools can require maintenance and sometimes patience you don’t have, or have the time for. Problem with your gate and/or gate operator? No problem! We have your business, residential, and security gate maintenance covered.

Professional Security Gate Maintenance

Over half of the calls we receive are distress calls about gates and operators not functioning properly, or even at all! (i.e. “Help!! I got this great deal six months/one year/year and a half ago on a Mighty Mule/GFT/GTO gate operator, but it is giving me troubles/won’t open/closed on my car/stops/starts when I don’t want it to, etc., etc., etc.”)

Don’t worry, if it’s salvageable, we can fix it, and if it’s not, we can absolutely introduce the best possible options for you, your home or business, and your wallet. After all, if it’s automatic, isn’t it supposed to make your life easier?

Contact us through our contact page, or at 832-744-8388. Help with your security gate is just a call away!