When Do I Replace My Gate Opener?

The life cycle of your gate depends on lots of things. Chief among them is use – most openers are rated for 12,000 cycles roughly. After all we’re talking about modern systems that were recently a part of a residential gate installation. If your system has exceeded that range – which may happen in as little as 2 years with significant use – you’ll want to replace the opener itself pretty shortly. However the gate itself ought to last an extended time, right? It depends.

Climate may be a huge issue

Where you live determines how long your gate lasts. For various materials, Access Control & LLC | Security Gates | Houstonextreme heat and cold will have an adverse impact on their lifetime. Iron security gates are terrible for heated climates mainly because they oxidize quickly. Wood gates don’t like the cold because constant freezing and unfreezing makes them warp. Metal systems work best in most climates, but tend to need a lot of gate service because they need a lot of significant moving elements.

What you put into it, is what you get out of it

The largest issue for the longevity of your system is how well you maintain it. Maintenance service is something you would like to take notice to. Having a knowledgeable company on speed dial, ready for 24/7 emergency service is usually a smart idea, however there’s a good deal you’ll be able to do on your own to help your system last longer. Habitually lubricating the gates moving parts; clearing away trash, ensuring that the hinges get regular hinge fastening repair – it’s all connected. If you just do a walk through of your driveway once a month, you’ll be able to spot issues before they begin and save yourself lots of hassle down the road. If you fail to identify one thing and it gets worse, it will cause your whole system to break down.