About Us

Access & Control is dedicated to PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL!  

Our goal is to put your gate control system off of your everyday radar screen. An automatic gate operator is such a commonplace household appliance today, that you should spend about as much time having to think about it as you spend thinking about the remote control on your tv.

Put simply- It does whatever you tell it to do, whenever you want it done. It does not argue with you or demand your attention.

Too often, this is not the case. We have been deluged by cheap chinese knock-offs in almost every buying decision that we are faced with these days, including gate operators. When you look at the initial price, it is always tempting, to say the least. Unfortunately, it almost always comes back to haunt us in the end.

These result in what we call the RESCUE CALLS.   “Help!! I got this great deal six months/one year/year and a half ago on a Mighty Mule/BFT/GTO gate operator, but it is giving me troubles/won’t open/closed on my car/stops/starts when I don’t want it to, etc., etc., etc.”

If our next call is from you, please don’t feel bad. We want to get that off of your radar screen.

Give us a call. If your gate operator is acting up or was victim of a shoddy installation, we know all of the ways to coax and/or chastise it to make it act the way it should.

If it is or becomes beyond hope, we can fix that as well. We have access to wholesale pricing on tough, silent and obedient American made operators that will put an end to your frustrations.

Help is just a phone call away! Access & Control @ 832-744-8388